Review, Test Ride, Real Yamaha E01, 100% Electric Car That Is Currently A Hot Trend!

Don't waste your time talking about the songs. YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) is a 100% EV prototype that has been produced in the world, 500 units will be distributed in various countries around the world and come to Thailand for 40 units. Zero One) to test electric vehicles and collect driving data of users. sent to the parent company To develop electric motorcycles to be sold in the future, in conclusion, the YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) has not yet been sold, while the vehicles sold in the future may be reduced. What areas of improvement do you need to follow up on?

YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) was introduced to the world at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show as a concept electric vehicle. by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan under the concept "Plugged Yamaha to new era"

YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) provides an electric power of 8.1 kW or equivalent to a 125 cc combustion engine (NMAX sold in Europe). (With a change of gear oil) transmits power through a belt to the rear wheels, which can run a distance of up to 130 kilometers per 1 charge (fixed speed not exceeding 60 km / h) and can make a maximum speed of 105 km / h (tried) The weight of the car is 158 kg, which is considered quite light. when lifting to park with a pair of stand Storage compartment under the seat, size 23 liters, can put half helmet, riding posture similar to NMAX, comfortable, wide seat, not very high height from the floor to the seat. Ladies are easy to drive. 

The suspension is tight, the rear shock absorbers on both sides absorb the force very well. has a wide wheelbase Can drive in all road conditions, smooth roads, steep slopes, hills, turtlenecks, waterproof, as standard for general motorcycles, can wade through the rain, but should not go through flooding (For those who wonder if it's electricity, will it withstand water?) Various functions On the handlebars, it can be used easily. (need to understand a bit before driving)

BATTERY AND CHARGING SYSTEM The Yamaha “E01” is developed and uses a high-capacity 4.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. developed by Yamaha for motorcycles especially This makes it possible to charge via a fast charger. At the battery level from 0% to 90% within 1 hour by designing the charging cable connector at the front of the car making it easy to charge Immediately after parking There are also 3 types of charging systems to choose from. For the comfort of the user and supports driving in all situations, including

1.   Fast Charger – Ideal for installation by car rental providers or dealerships, it can charge from 0% to 90% in under an hour.

2.   Normal Charger – Suitable for home installations, can charge from 0% to 100% in 5 hours at 200V voltage.  

3.   Portable charger that comes with the car - easy to carry with a size that fits in the storage compartment under the seat, can be charged from 0% to 100% in 14 hours at a voltage of 100V. Personally, the charging time is quite long. go wash If it stays for less than 8 hours, it should be perfect. 

Notice that the charging port for  YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) is also a dedicated port. cannot be used in conjunction with other camps

3 levels of driving modes give a fairly different feeling. I have to say that I was impressed from the first launch. The throttle is very smooth no matter how much you open the throttle, the car starts off smoothly.

– PWR (Power Mode): For driving that draws out the maximum power of the motor. Suitable for riding uphill and overtaking In this mode, just open the accelerator and the car will almost soar. It is a filling that is almost like a combustion car. Driving more fun on hills Compared to rolling combustion motorcycles No need to throttle the accelerator, the car can run comfortably on the hill. Importantly, the sound is quite quiet. The maximum speed that can be achieved in this mode is 105 km / h. The speed is almost not even 100% electric. 

– STD (Standard Mode): For normal driving in the speed range of 30 – 80 km/h, this mode really feels middle. light, smooth, steady flow Uphill, this mode is still available. If it is a combustion engine, it will give the feeling of adding gasohol 91 continuously, but not suddenly.

– ECO (Eco mode ): For long distance driving. To limit battery consumption and limit maximum speed. It's about 60 km/h, cuts almost everything, but still gives smooth driving feel. Suitable for driving in the city or on open roads, enjoying the view, this mode will automatically activate when the battery power is 70% so that the remaining 30% of the energy can make the car go further. but believe me Few people drive in this mode. (if not necessary)

reverse gear It's another thing in YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) that I want to talk about. because it increases convenience when we have to reverse the car in a narrow or steep channel without getting out of the car The speed is only 1 km/hr. But there will be some difficulties in using it in the beginning. Because you have to press 2 buttons, but if you get used to it, you feel safe. When using this function, to make the car go forward, you have to press the start button again. to be able to drive forward

Regenerative Brake, a system that simulates Engine Brake feeling to reduce speed and increase driving confidence. In general, automatic cars are hardly able to find the Engine Brake when driving downhill. You have to gently press the accelerator to work, but with the simulation of Regenerative Brake, it is considered well done. while closing the throttle The car will have a slow down. Not free to let go, making cornering more confident.

Anti-skid Traction Control System, can be turned on-off, also comes with this car.

The built-in ABS system has tried to use it accidentally. Works very efficiently, slippery roads, can be handled on the basis of the specified speed.

Convenience systems such as mobile phone charging stations various status screens There is also a complete set as much as a motorcycle can have. 

Strengths: 100% clean energy, modern, quiet, fun to drive, tight suspension, complete functions

Notice : The prototype car has not yet been sold.

Overall, YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) if one day it will be released in the market, it is considered a 100% electric motorcycle that is worth keeping an eye on. And considered in the premium class group, the price may be quite high. and have a specific group or if reducing the specification May have to look for ways to manage the battery charge. more convenient A charging socket that can be used in conjunction with public charging points. Personally, the admin thinks that if Yamaha E01 (Ezero One) comes to the market soon, it probably won't be fair to the manufacturer. because of policies or overviews of the country is still unclear with the electric motorcycle market in our country But if asked if it is a car that should be had in the future? We have to wait and see how many more years it will definitely not be soon.

when reading up to here Admin would like to exchange opinions on how friends think of each other.  

1. If YAMAHA E01 (E-Zero One) this specification is really sold, how much should the price be?

2. Charging the battery 

Swob (switching batteries) advantages and disadvantages, how?

Plug in (plug in, charge directly), what are the advantages and disadvantages?

What the YAMAHA E01 (e-zero one) should have more or less.

Finally, I hope that the YAMAHA E01 (Ezero One) in the version that is sold will meet your friends' hearts.