Review All New Honda Wave125i Conquer 10 Mountains In 3 Days, Chiang Mai – Mae Hong Son Route!

Confidence All New Wave125i can do it. Conquer 10 mountains in 3 days, Chiang Mai-Mae Hong Son route. An army of mass media explores Doi Pui, Doi Suthep, and Doi Mon Jam on the first day. Proving the power of the Honda Smart Engine

Thai Honda raises an army of media to prove All New Wave125i with the power of the new Honda Smart Engine, powerful, durable, economical, conquering 10 high mountains for 3 days and 2 nights across 2 provinces, Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son.

first day start From the Honda Safety Driving Center, Chiang Mai, travel to the top of the mountain to Doi Pui, a distance of 36 km. Before returning to Doi Suthep, a distance of 8 km., and set off for Doi Mon Jam, Mae Rim District. 34 km. Through steep slopes and many winding paths to test the powerful torque of the Honda Smart Engine and end the first day, a total distance of 87 kilometers on the top of Doi Mon, beautiful view This first day is the time to get used to driving. Because to be honest, the admin himself hasn't ridden a family car like this for quite a long time. But just like that, when you know how to ride, it's all right. Let's talk about the first touch of the car first. All New Wave125i, relatively light weight, compact, comfortable ride, acceleration response is good. Importantly, the gear connection flows smoothly. But the most impressive thing is probably the initial force that responds well to the accelerator thanks to the newly developed engine. The piston is smaller. longer connecting rod resulting in greater compressive strength The more it makes driving more fun. Today, try the day, the fuel consumption rate is roughly 87 km., using 1.25 liters of fuel, it falls to about 69.6 km./liter, considered not much different from the test room that Honda has tested much, which is 71.4 km./liter. It is the highest rate that has been crayed.

Day 2: Passing through more than 3,000 curves, a total distance of more than 255 kilometers, to prove the driving performance of the All New Wave125i with Honda Smart Engine, powerful, durable, economical. Continue the journey on the 2nd day to Doi Kiw Lom in Huai Nam Dang National Park. 83 km. through a tough route of more than 1,800 curves to head to Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, with a distance of about 35 km. The sea mist view point in Pai, a distance of 7 km, before continuing to Doi Kiw Lom, Pang Ma Pha, a distance of 26 km. After that, start traveling to Doi Ban Ja Bo, a distance of 32 km, followed by Wat Phra That Doi. Kong Mu, a distance of 62 kilometers, a total distance of more than 255 kilometers

As for today's driving routes, I can tell you all the flavors of actual use. Both on normal roads, rough roads, steep slopes, all of the soil slides. Some sections of the route are high-speed curves. At this point, admin likes it very much. That is, if speaking clearly, it should be like a Moto3 race. Hardly anyone was willing to lift the accelerator. Because with the relatively good power combined with light weight, it makes cornering smooth. Suspension and shock absorbers Good shock absorption when driving on rough roads. And the collapsing mechanic of the front shock absorber with a distance of up to 9 millimeters greater than before and a rear shock absorber with a distance of up to 5 millimeters more than today Consumption rate after we filled up the first tank of fuel in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai until Pai, Mae Hong Son. Distance of 118 km, using 2.15 liters of fuel, average consumption of 54.8 km / liter, and from Pai to Mon Yun Lai, Pang Mapha, Ban Ja Bo to Mae Hong Son, distance of 127 km, using 2.16 liters of fuel, average consumption is at 58.79 km. / liter, take a full tank of 5.4 liters from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son, stop by along the way 340 kilometers use 1 tank of oil Considered to save a lot of fuel.

Entering the last day of conquering 10 peaks, starting from the accommodation to Doi Pha Bong View Point, a distance of 25 km. and continuing to Doi Mae U Kho, 74 km., through a steep, winding path, totaling more than 4,000 curves to see. Thung Bua Tong which bloomed in full bloom, glowing yellow, covering the entire mountain After that, travel to the Kiw Lom Bridge at a height of more than 1,200 meters before heading to Mae Chaem District for another 80 kilometers to conquer Doi Inthanon on a distance of 34 kilometers, ready to record historical pictures. All New Wave125i can Conquering 10 high mountains with a total distance of over 622 kilometers, along the route taking 3 days and 2 nights, crossing 2 provinces until the end

The last day was considered the longest and toughest driving distance. Both steep, narrow and winding roads, some parts of the way are floating rocks, difficult to drive, some parts are sharp bends. But all cars can drive through obstacles safely. And it's a very fun family car trip. Although this root often rides and host But it was the first time driving a car like this. Someone once said that Ride a car, be careful of the garden wave. When I came to ride myself, I already knew that True story, as many people really say, with

All New wave125i ready to give confidence at Honda Wing Centers across the country…

All New Honda Wave 125i comes with the concept. "A leader that everyone believes in"

sporty design with a new frame. Designed materials and body connection techniques to be more durable, lighter, easier to control and more agile. New mileage LCD Multi Meter combines display technology. Sleek, dimensional modular design New design taillights, sleek New X-clusive LED Tailight, complete with LED headlights and taillights, along with a new front console design, New Front Pocket, adding multi-purpose compartments convenient to use instantly New suspension with increased travel of the front and rear shock absorbers. able to absorb shock Helps to balance better Storage space under the seat is large. XL Size U-Box can hold 17 liters, can put a full helmet. Big fuel tank 5.4 liters, can run a long distance, can drive continuously Safety key switch, just press the key to operate. Easy to open-close, lock-start the engine and open the seat.

New Honda Smart Engine, the latest engine technology of the 125 cc class. PGM-FI injection system raises the new standard of family cars. Reflecting confidence with better performance than ever Advanced force with revised piston stroke And delivers a maximum fuel economy rate of 71.4 km / liter, supplemented by the Piston Oil Jet system, which helps to reduce heat, reduce wear, durability, prolong service life. Installed a new hydraulic automatic chain tension adjustment system, delivering continuous power at all speeds. Reduce engine flick and noise.

All New Honda Wave 125i, starter model, alloy wheels, 4 colors: red-gray, gray-blue, white-red and black-grey, suggested price at 56,500 baht, for the starter model, wire-spoke wheels with 3 colors: red, blue and black, recommended price 54,300 baht