Hyosung Aquila GV300 V-Twin Test Drive Review How Will It Be?!!

It is considered one of the most hilarious motorcycles at the Motor EXPO 2019 at the end of last year. For the launch of the brand in Thailand for the first time by Hyosung, along with the introduction of a car model brought to market like the Aquila GV300 with a perfect design. And most importantly, it comes with a V-Twin engine that is considered something that is very compatible. with the direction of this car

First of all, let's get to know this brand first. Hyosung is a South Korean brand. In the beginning, the company used the brand name KR Motors, founded in 1997. 1978 and in 2005, using the brand name Hyosung by producing and selling both motorcycles, big bikes, scooters. A variety of approaches, including ATVs, and plans to expand the market broadly in 2009 by entering the American market. The vehicles available are from 250cc, 650cc to 700cc, which have received good feedback until now. With the price of the car that is easily tangible Including the policy of outstanding after-sales service.

And for the Hyosung Aquila GV300 that we will review together this time. It is considered the latest flagship car of the camp. which has just been launched internationally not long ago The car will come in the style of a classic Bobber style, with round headlights and handlebars. The overall design will focus on simple, minimalist lines. The driving behavior of the car Emphasis on the convenience of use in the city. and able to take trips in the middle

The car is equipped with a 296cc 2-cylinder V-TWIN engine positioned at 60 degrees, cooled by a radiator. which must be said that the engine looks like this Quite suitable for the way of the car is very special. In terms of horsepower, it comes in at a maximum of 29.64 at 8,500 rpm and the maximum torque is at 25.6 Nm at 6,500 rpm, which are quite different numbers. from a car in the Bobber or Cruiser line in general in this class But it will be closer to the proportions of the numbers of the cars in the sport rather than That gives us extra expectations for the acceleration of the Hyosung Aquila GV300. which we will talk about again in the real test drive

Let's move to look at the lower part. The front suspension is a telescopic type. The rear part is a double spring, placed on the axis tilt. The display screen is analog mixed with digital. Dimensional dimensions of the car: length 2,114 height 762 width 1,048 millimeters, single disc brakes both front and rear Works with ABS braking system, fuel tank capacity 12 liters, vehicle weight 169.5 kg.

For testing the Hyosung Aquila GV300 in the first place. We did some running tests in the city first. Found that the car has a car dimension that is suitable for use and has some level of flexibility. Because it's not very big. But for those who are not used to or have never ridden a V-Twin like this before, you may feel that the front is a bit heavy to control at low speed. But after riding for a while, it's not difficult to adjust. As for the acceleration in the early speed region, it is considered to be made out well. Causing the rhythm to accelerate, to overtake suddenly, can do as you wish

Later, we would like to take this car to test drive at full strength with some long-distance travel routes. Found that each gear is connected. can be done in a continuous flow and is very soft The distance between the gears is designed just right. Not too close or too much And the potential of the V-Twin engine is really outstanding. is the acceleration from the early to middle and late speed areas will consistently do well in equally good proportions, although the actual end speed may not flow as much as the inline type. But when we test the Top Speed ​​that is around almost 150 km / h, it is considered that there is no need to throttle in any way. (Which may be more depending on the rider's physiology and the environment) and the key is that the engine is not very noticeable in any way.

and for climbing up steep slopes In this path that we are testing considered to be comfortable With good acceleration of this engine, as mentioned above. As for the suspension system of the car. considered to be a medium set hard Noticed by the tilted rear suspension placement. Causing the center of gravity of the car to be pushed towards the front of the car This makes it feel quite different. From the rear dual-cylinder car that puts the degree straight That is quite soft in general, so when cornering, the Hyosung Aquila GV300 should be quite popular with people who like to play hard corners as well, but of course with the specification of the tire and the overall picture. may not be able to corner in a brutal way Like those sports cars already. But it is considered very good for this type of car.

The ABS braking system provided is responsive. As for the braking distance, because it is a V-Twin cylinder type, it may cause the engine brake to come a little slower than the cylinder type car. But if you ride often will start to adjust itself Overall car control is good. High driving fun The materials used to assemble each car are considered to have passed the standard comfortably.

For the Hyosung Aquila GV300, the selling price is 158,000 baht, compared to the overall specification and work of the car. It's quite worth it because just pumping a V-Twin works very well. create excitement in use It made a good impression. and other elements It is considered that it can be done well. But if there are some observations It would be in terms of features to help with various things. This may not be very noticeable yet. But understand that with the approach of the car that should focus on simplicity. By providing the ABS braking system, it is considered to enhance driving safety as well.

This bike is perfect for anyone who likes the character of a V-Twin cylinder or even someone who has never experienced it before. At a price that is easily tangible, the Hyosung Aquila GV300 is considered an interesting alternative in our home market right now. which it can be used in everyday life Or driving a trip to travel can be done comfortably. with the highlight of its strength More importantly, the image of the car can still indicate the different identity and lifestyle of the owner as well. As the car's slogan says "feel ride for ultimate, the ultimate driving pleasure"

Finally, the GreatBiker team would like to thank Sco Motor for the kindness of the bike for this test ride. Opportunities on our way will have new motorcycles. Let's test it for friends. Definitely can see each other again. Don't forget to follow us.

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