Doremi Collection To Launch Honda CB400 SF TYPE-X In The Form Of A Lottery Ticket

Doremi Collection , one of the Japanese tuning and replacement parts makers. Specialist in converting new cars based on current platforms. To have a model similar to the famous car in the past Recently, the office About to sell 5 Honda CB400 SUPER FOUR TYPE-X in the form of a lottery.

Honda CB400 SF TYPE-X used to show itself and show the classics at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2022 held in March. In fact, Doremi Collection intends to create parts and accessories for the Honda CB400SF, but with the popularity of the car that has come a lot at the launch. Combined with the fact that the manufacturer itself is preparing to cancel the production line of this model in October, the Doremi Collection decided to open the show for all 5 cars that the office holds. And there will be no production of spare parts from this set to be repeated again.

Honda CB400SF “BC NC-39”

Of the five Doremi Collection models, two will be based on the CB400SF: the BC NC39, three of which will be Type-X Mormal Style, and the 2BL-NC-42, which will be equipped with a TYPE-X cowl. with fins, 2 more cars, each of which has the same accessories in each style And there will be some devices that are shared in both models.

Honda CB400SF “2BL-NC-42”

The parts that the two models share include the fuel tank, side cover, seat, rear cover and electrical equipment. Each part is specially designed. Which is based on the style of the car in the 80-90's, while not trimming or modifying any structure even less from the factory

with a limited number Make the release of the car It's not just grabbing money and going to buy it. But must also have luck because the Doremi Collection will be selling all 5 cars in the form of a lottery. It will be open for applications from August 19 to September 18, during which registration is open. The car will be shown at various motorcycle events, including the Bike King event, which will be the launch event of this project and is the first place open for registration to win a car as well.

For anyone interested can go into the details of the car. Along with being able to register for the right to buy lottery tickets Through the Doremi Collection channel on the main website page.