Detailed Kawasaki Z900 Version 2020, Many Upgrades!

There is a major update to the popular 4-cylinder big bike like the Kawasaki Z900, which is new in the 2020 version, which this time is not just a new color change. But there are still many interesting details to change. Let's take a look together and see what's there.

by Kawasaki Z900, a car in the street fighter line, this car It was first released in 2017, replacing the walking model like the Z800 and received a very good response. in many areas around the world including Thailand, our home country And the latest version of the Kawasaki Z900 has been upgraded for 2020. We can see that the car has a more aggressive front lamp design. The turn signals are redesigned to have a shape that is more concise. and a day-time light that adapts the format to be similar The appearance of protruding fangs Including switching to a full LED lighting system From the original halogen By modifying this, it makes the image of the car look sportier and more modern than ever.

and in addition to that There are still significant changes in the display screen. from the original to be semi-analog, semi-digital Changed to a full digital TFT with a large display area and detailed information. increased than before And can be connected to our smartphones via Bluetooth. The bike also comes with Rain, Sport, Rider and Road driving modes, along with a customizable traction control system.

The car will come with a 943 cc engine, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC, 16 valves, cooled by water. It delivers a maximum power of 125 horsepower (HP) at 9,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 98 Nm at 7,700 rpm, driven by a 6-speed transmission system with Wet Multi-Disc clutch system. chain

The Kawasaki Z900 version 2020 has already been launched in Thailand. With a price of 443,100 baht, if friends are interested, they can go and see them alive. You can follow the Kawasaki showroom near the house.